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What are Pallet Jacks?

Pallet jacks are easy-to-use options for lift trucks and forklifts, and they are very reasonably priced. They feature a hydraulic mechanism that makes it possible for a single operator to lift a full-size pallet and move it around a warehouse facility without strain. Their initial incarnation dates back to 1918, even though contemporary units are much easier to employ and necessitate less maintenance.

The pallet jack is even known as a workhorse, the backbone of material handling equipment. Pallet jacks are employed in a wide range of warehouse and departmental store settings with the purpose of safely and quickly moving items and products.

When the majority of people think of pallet jacks, they think of the commonly used manual pallet jacks that are often seen at Walmart and other departmental stores. The truth is that there are a variety of types of pallet jacks available. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, power options, and lift capacity.

Types of pallet jacks

At Storage Equipment Corp., we offer the following two types of pallet jacks:

  • Electric Pallet Jacks – These feature a powered lift mechanism and, in a few models, ride-on capabilities.
  • Manual Pallet Jacks – These are completely operated by hand and are ideal for simple tasks.

When it comes to having some additional lifting power, electric pallet jacks are commonly preferred for the reason that they are better suited for lifting heavier loads or stacked pallets. However, they do need extra maintenance, and since they’re more complex, they have a shorter service lift than completely hand-operated models.

Advantages of pallet jacks

Pallet jacks have quite a few benefits over lift trucks and forklifts. In addition to being more inexpensive to buy outright, they necessitate less continuing maintenance. Hand-operated (manual) models, in particular, are virtually maintenance-free. When service is needed, it can usually be completed with a minimal amount of downtime, making the operation more productive.

One more benefit of pallet jacks is that, as a result of their effortlessness, new operators have need for less training. It makes it simpler to onboard new staff members.

Applications of pallet jacks

Electric and manual pallet jacks are appropriate for use in the majority of warehouse environments. However, they do not work with reversible pallets and have restricted functionality when working with double-faced, non-reversible pallets and 4-way notched-stringer pallets. Make sure to always check with the manufacturer of the pallet jack prior to trying to lift something new.

No matter you need a manual or electric pallet jack for your warehouse facility, you can always count on Storage Equipment Corp. We make sure to provide you with the best equipment. Approach us today!

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